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Teagle Tomahawk 7100 Feeder/Bedder

Teagle Tomahawk 7100 Feeder/Bedder

Bed loose housing and cubicles, as well as processing short straw for feed

  • Provides an even and absorbent bed of straw.
  • Baled silage is lightly shredded making it more palatable and easily consumed.
  • 3.0m³ capacity, for feeding baled and clamp silage.
  • Spreads straw up to 20m from rectangular or round bales.
  • Also available with Side Chute or ‘Dual Chop format’ for long or short straw at the touch of a button.

Outstanding 'Flow Plus' Performance to save you money

  • Greater output
  • More consistent feed rate
  • Controlled delivery at low fan speeds

Chute - Side 

Dual Chop - No 

Straw - Spread 

No. of crossbeaters - 1 

Capacity (m³) -3.0 

No. of 5' round bales - Straw x 2 / Silage x 1 (2 when trailed)

No. of 8' rectangular bales (4'x3' / 4'x4') - 1/1 

Bale chamber (tailgate down) W x H x D - 1.40m x 1.25m x 2.50m

Blow distance (max.) - 22m 

Min. tractor PTO - 60HP (90HP mounted)

Overall width (chute closed) - 2.2m (trailed option 2.27m)


Overall length (tailgate up) - 2.65m (trailed 3.65m)


Overall length (tailgate down) - 3.80 (trailed 4.80m)

Overall height (chute closed) - 2.11m / 2.3m

Oil flow rate (min-max) (l/min) - 35-60

Feed Baled Silage - Yes 

Feed Clamp Silage - Yes 

Unladen weight (mounted) - 1620Kg 

Bed Cubicles / Straw Processing - No 

Bed Loose Housing - Yes


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