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How do I get a Product Price / Quotation ?

Overview on creating a Quotation

1. Choose 'ADD TO QUOTATION".button on any product
2. CONTINUE SHOPPING to Add more products
3. VIEW QUOTE, Fill in contact details and 'SUBMIT REQUEST'

Detailed Instructions

  1. Sesrch for or View any product product you need a price for, choose the Green Button "Add to Quotation"
  2. To add more products choose "Continue Shopping" , browse for more products to add and choose the "Add to Quotation" button again, (Note: Add as many products as you wish)
  3. To submit the PRICE / QUOTATION request at any time choose "View Quote" Fill in your contact details, input a quick message and 'Submit Request' or go to URL address: Link to your Quotation
  4. To recieve your Quotation input yourcontact details, add a Message and choose "Submit Request"

You will get an email acknowledgment of your submission.

Our Sales staff will then email your Quotation together with any recomendations or advice in a PDF attachment as soon as possible.

Note: If you prefer to phone and talk direct to one of our sales staff for prices choose the CALL button which calls our main reception line on +44 28 2765 7491

how do I contact the Sales Staff Direct ?

Note: If you prefer to phone and talk direct to one of our sales staff fdirect from the tel numbers below or call our main reception line on +44 28 27 657 491

Operating Hours :

9am-5.30pm Weekdays .
9am-1pm Saturdays
Lunchtime 1-2pm

Karlan Direct No : 07495 967 099

Peter Direct No : 07895 825 444

For 24 hour Quotation email service choose 'Add to Quotation" button on any product, fill in your contact details and "Submit Request" and our Sales staff will fullfill your quote.

What If a Product I need is not in stock ?

We carry a healthy stock at all times but sometimes due to seasonal demand a product may be sold out but still available fast .

Delivery Lead times sometimes vary from 2 or 3 days to a few weeks depending on seasonal demand,

Note: Our Sales staff have a farming background and are very familiar with all our machinery brands. They will then be able to give the best Machinery advise.

Do you Deliver ?

Yes, this can be arranged with Sales during the quotation. (UK & Ireland generally covered or further by arrangment). Parts are delivered worldwide.

Do you offer Finance ?

Yes, you can spread the cost of any farm machinery products over the value of £2000 across affordable monthly payments over whatever terms meets your needs.

We are a licensed Credit Broker & can arrange finance quickly at competitive rates

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