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Teagle Telehawk Bale Spreader

Teagle Telehawk Bale Spreader

Now even more flexible - The Telehawk T2 has been developed with a hydraulic loading gate to offer more manoeuvrability.

  • Round or Rectangular Bales - Self loading operation, no tractor required.
  • Save Straw - Bales are thoroughly teased apart.
  • Excellent Visibility - Front mounted for optimum visibility of the bedding operation.
  • Less Stress - Machine weight is close to the headstock.
  • Improve Animal Comfort - Evenly spread straw up to 13.5m in bedding areas.
Outstanding Build Quality and Performance
  • All models are shot blasted and have a high quality baked powder coat finish.
Features for Reliability and Ease of Use
  • Access All Areas - Rotating 280° swivel chute can deliver straw to either side or in front of the machine.
  • Adjustable pressure sensing automatically stops or reverses the bed chain to optimise processing speed.
  • Slimline wireless Bluetooth® control for straight-forward communication between the operator and the Telehawk.
  • Quick-hitch attachments are available for most popular telehandlers.
Maximum Round Bale Diameter- 1.5M Dia
Maximum Rectangular Bale Size - 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.4m
Height Overall with machine on ground - 2.52m 
Width with chutes closed - 1.69m 
Blow distance (max.) - 13.5m 
Overall length (tailgate down) - 4m 
Overall length (tailgate up) - 2.7m 
Weight (without brackets) - 1510KG 
Minimum Handler Lift Capacity - 2.8 Tonnes
Minimum Handler Oil Flow - 60 I/min (13.3 gal/min)
Maximum Handler Oil Flow - 120 I/min (26.6 gal/min)
Minimum Handler Oil Pressure - 160 bar (2320psi)
Maximum Handler Oil Pressure - 270 bar 3915psi @ 80 ° (176 °F)
Bale Capacity - 1 x round / 1 x rectangular


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