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Teagle Super Ted 221 Swath Conditioner

Teagle Super Ted 221 Swath Conditioner

Engineered specifically for the heavy crops found in UK & Ireland, delivers unpararalleled performance in the field in both grass and staw applications.

The Super-ted 221 has a 2.2m. wide pick-up and is suitable for silage (will do two 3m. swaths side by side), straw from all modern combines and hay.

  1. Faster Drying
  2. Reduced Crop Contamination
  3. Reduced Costs in One Pass
  4. Tidier swaths

Specification - Super Tedd 221 

Pick Up Width - 2.20m 

Overall Width (With Wheels/Without Wheels) - 3.10m/2.54m 

Overall Length (doors open) - 3.27m 

Overall Length (doors Closed) - 1.86m

Overall Height (In lowest working position) - 1.04m 

Height Adjustment - 40-200mm 

Castol Wheel Tyre Size - 6.00 - 9 -10 

PTO Type - Overrun Clutch 

Minimum Tractor Size - 65hp 

Number Of Drive Belts - 4 x "B" Section 

Linkage - Cat 2 

Weight - 795Kg 




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